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Experience the World of Aloe Vera, and how Aloe's become a Curaloe product. 

A local Curacao tour guide takes you all around the Farm and guides you through the Aloe fields and factory, explaining the entire process from Plant to Bottle. 

During the tour you'll see the native vegetation of Curacao, get to know everything there is about the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, get plenty of epic photo opportunities, and more... 

Tour Days & Hours:

Come visit our farm on the below mentioned time slots and see how we process the finest Aloe Vera leaves.


Tour Times from Monday till Friday:

  •  10 am (10.00)

  •  11  am​ (11.00)

  • 12 pm (12.00)

  • 1 pm (13.00)

  • 2 pm (14.00)


  • Introduction Presentation underneath the Palapa

  • Factory visit: see how we process the finest aloe leaves

  • Kunuku tour: experience Curacao's nature (garden walk)

  • Picture moment: make the prettiest 

  • Refreshing Aloe Vera beverage

  • Shop tour: discover our high quality Aloe Vera cosmetics and supplements!

Tour Duration: 45-60 minutes

No reservations necessary - First come first serve basis. 

Tour admission fee

  • ANG 17,50

  • USD 10

Private tours

Private tours available for groups only (min. 5 pers.)

Make your private tour reservation via +5999 6934216

Epic Photo Ops. 

Make Lifelong Memories


The Aloe Walk

Nature Hike

Couple in Nature

Curaloe Products

Curacao's Best Gift From Nature and #1 Souvenir

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